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Orange County Register , Los Angeles Times

 Ms. Terry has been quoted more than 200 times in the news media because she is honest and knowledgeable. She fights for her clients' rights and has many success stories. Links to her major articles are coming soon. 


 Ms. Terry has received multiple awards over the years for her dedication and professional approach to solving problems no one else would tackle. 

Judge Pro Tem

 For many years, Ms. Terry sat as a JUDGE PRO TEM in Orange County Superior Courts, adjudicating civil cases ranging from neighborhood disputes to construction defects, dog bites to contract breaches, defamation to personal injury. She stays abreast of the latest developments in civil law as well as immigration law making her very well-rounded. 


 In the past 25 years, Ms. Terry has taught Imration Law as well as other law subjects such as Contracts, Criminal Law, Sports Law, Entertainment Law and Estate Planning. at various law schools and universities.

Chairman of Immigrant Law Section, OCBA

For 2 years, Ms. Terry chaired the Immigration Law Section of the Orange County Bar Association and she was the first to introduce speakers from the USCIS to talk about pressing issues in immigration. She has worked together for many years as a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association with attorneys and officers of the Immigration Service. Furthermore, she has been a Congressional Liaison with many members of Congress up to the present day.

Ethics Committee Adjudicator

As an active member of the California State Bar Ethics Committee, Ms. Terry adjudicated cases involving complaints and malpractice actions against attorneys in all states. She has won several lawsuits against attorneys and consultants who committed fraud against the vulnerable group of immigrants, not the least of which was the Guadalupana case in the 1990's against a fraudulent "notario" who skimmed millions of dollars from trusting souls trying to get legal residence here.

Success Stories


Changed the Law

In an action on behalf of gay immigrants, Ms. Terry was successful in getting the law changed to allow their admission to the USA.

In other cases, fighting for entertainers and athletes, Ms. Terry aided in getting their category separated into specialized O and P visas, taking them out of the over-crowded H visa category.


Fought for Immigrants' Rights

In a case of wrongful termination due to ethnic discrimination, Ms. Terry won a large settlement for her client that helped him    find a better work environment so he could  continue his career.


Educated and Encouraged Many

Through her teaching career, Ms. Terry has educated and trained many new attorneys and consultants to become better immigration advocates and representatives.